About Crimshaw

Crimshaw is a Rock band– just that but certainly no less than that. The authentic spirit of Rock that has withstood the passage of time, from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to Rush, KISS, and more, is born anew in these young guys from Brooklyn.

Crimshaw’s driving and irresistible sound and stage presence never loses that spirit of fun that’s at the heart of all the heavy music that lasts and retains its appeal. They are both original, and also connected to influences. Audiences appreciate the obvious Classic Rock and even blues-influenced Metal vibes, but others are clear in their music and live shows as well – from Groove to Prog, and even an occasional nod to the Heavy Ballad tradition.

Crimshaw is entirely in the here and now. The came together in 2015 in the best tradition of rock bands: best friends (and two brothers) jamming in basement. Now they’re thrusting their passion into a Rock-deprived world.

Their debut EP Monsters, hit in early 2018 – an unfurled sonic flag of unrepentant, diverse, authentic, and modern Rock N’ Roll. Monsters (2018) Crimshaw’s debut EP captures the brash essence and many stylistic aspects and influences in thirty-two minutes of unalloyed Rock N’ Roll. It was recorded in various studios around New York City and produced by The Jerry Farley. Monsters is a convergence of the diverse venues that form the Rock experience – from the best of the basement jam session, to the exuberance of the live show, to the technical powers of the recording studio.